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Marine Industries West Copyright Notice
All photography, images, and text on this website is copyrighted information owned by Marine Industries West LLC. Any use by a person and/or company in a commerce environment without written consent from Marine Industries West LLC is prohibited.

Marine Industries West LLC does not authorize any dealer, distributor, or OEM customer to copy text or photography from this website. Written consent must be obtained from Marine Industries West LLC before using any of the above described information.

Unauthorized usage of said copyrighted information is against the law. Copyright infringement will not be taken lightly and will be prosecuted.

Upon obtaining written consent from Marine Industries West LLC it is agreed that the "borrowed" photography and/or text will only be used in efforts to sell products that are purchased directly from Marine Industries West LLC. If that agreement is breeched by any person and/or company by selling similar products that are being pictured or described as products from Marine Industries West LLC, that written consent is null and void.

In any case of copyright infringement, Marine Industries West LLC will provide a written warning demanding that all Marine Industries West information be removed from whatever form of promotion in which it is being used. If within 14 days that person and/or company does not comply, legal action will be engaged. Any parties that create a need for legal action will be prosecuted for damages and legal fees.