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   Meguiar's polishing compounds are designed for average to neglected surfaces. Polishing is intended to remove bonded surface contamination and surface defects. Surface defects can be divided in to two groups, above-surface contaminants, and below-surface defects. Above-surface contaminants include tree sap mist, environmental fallout, bugs, and overspray. Below-surface defects include scratches, swirls, oxidation, and water spot etchings. Polishing restores a deep glossy finish by conditioning the gel coat, and restoring it's natural oils.

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Color Restorer 16 oz Product Details
Color Restorer 16 oz
Oxidation Remover 16 oz Product Details
Oxidation Remover 16 oz
Oxidation Remover 1 Gallon Product Details
Oxidation Remover 1 Gallon
One Step Compound 32 oz Product Details
One Step Compound 32 oz
Fiberglass Restoration System Product Details
Fiberglass Restoration System
Marine Polish 16 oz Product Details
Marine Polish 16 oz

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